#1   Types of tournaments

There are 2 types of tournament formats:

  • A.   Time Limit or "Standard" Tournament (Standard)
  • The fixed time or "Standard" Tournament runs for a predetermined amount of time of anywhere from 8 hours to 1 week.

  • B.   "Grid" Style Tournament
  • A Grid Tournament requires a certain minimum amount of wagers to be placed by players before it ends. Players can track the tournament progress as the required wager pool gets filled on the tournament page of the site or by clicking on the arrow in the bottom left hand corner of the game you are playing.

#2   Only real money can be used

Only real money can be used to play in tournaments. Bonus money is not available when playing in a tournament.

#3   There is no Entry fee!

Players can enter the tournament free. During game play you will be risking your own real money. All winnings are yours to withdraw or to use in other regular casino games and other Tournaments.

#4   Points are used to measure tournament performance

All your game play within a tournament will accumulate points. If you have the most points or you are in one of the prize positions at the end of the tournament, you will win one of the posted prizes.

Points can increase and decrease depending on your game play and the other players' game play within the tournament. So keep playing and keep checking your score because other players are constantly trying to beat your score.

Each tournament calculates its' own separate score from your game play within that tournament. There are no overall scores for a combined score using several tournaments. Therefore you can enter multiple tournaments at the same time, if there are several tournaments available at the same time.

#5   No risk bets cause disqualification

"No risk" betting in games is not acceptable. Example: Betting only on red and black simultaneously in the game of Roulette.

Other examples of games that could be played in a NO RISK manner are Hoo Hey How and 30/40. Any game play of this type in any game will cause the players' score to be eliminated from the prize pool.

#6   How does the scoring work?

General Playing Scores:

A complex proprietary formula is used to calculate the scores. In general, a player's score is calculated by comparing the ratio of wagered money won divided by the players' total wagers. The average tournament player ratio of winning wagers is also divided by the total wagers. This total is then combined with the ratio of the players' wager opportunities (hands played) and the average tournament players' hands played. These equations compare how you are doing, relative to the other tournament players. These two ratios are then multiplied with the players' net winnings. For each player, their score is then divided by the squares (percentage) remaining in the tournament (Grid Style tournament) or the time remaining in the case of a Standard tournament. This generates an increasing score for each player as they get closer to the end of the tournament. So every player must stay in touch to the very end of the tournament in order to know where they are stand. Each player's score will increase, but the players with the best winning percentage and the players with the best net winnings will increase by more than those players with lesser winnings and lesser games played.

Additional points are added to each players score, these are calculated from the number of different casino games played within the tournament. Other additional points will be received for the total quantity of hands played, plus the total monies won from only the players' winning hands. A ratio of each of these three items is multiplied together and added to the other calculations to achieve the Total Player Score. Therefore as the tournament approaches the end, this ratio will generate a proportionally higher score for the players who risked the most, played the greatest number of hands and have the best net winning, when compared to all of the tournament players.

Our formula has been vetted by TST and found to be a very fair way of calculating the winners. Click here to see the TST certification of our formula.

#7   So what do I need to do to win the tournament?

Players Score is a calculation of all of the following items of a players' game play:

      1.   Ratio            Player $ Won                                     Average Player $ Won

                                  ________________         VS         __________________

                                  Player $ Wagered                              Average Payer $ Wagered

      2.   Ratio          Player Hands Played                        Average Player Hands Played

      3.   Player Net Winning $*

      4.   Dividing the quantity of time remaining in the tournament (Standard Tournament) or the Percentage of wagers
             remaining to complete the tournament (Grid Style Tournament)

      5.   Player Total Winning Payouts**

      6.   Player Total Hands Played

      7.   Points for Total Number of Games Played

      * Net winning = Dollars Won - Dollars Wagered

      ** Total winning Payouts = All dollars received from wagering (Winning wagers, partial winning wagers, ties,

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